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Embrace the change

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

 Isaiah 55:8        New International Version (©1984)

You can tell it’s the onset of winter with the misty early morning chill in the air. One whiff and I get a glimpse of the wonderful Christmassy feeling.

The Bible often speaks of changes that occurred in lives of people of God; not exactly a change like the change in weather to usher another eagerly awaited Christmas season; in fact the changes they encountered were at times unexpected and some that even brought discomfort.

For instance, Jacob experienced a drastic change from the comfort of a wonderful home life to the life as a fugitive in a deserted place after stealing his brother’s birthright. No home cooked food, no Mother’s love, just a hard stony pillow hurting his head. Left alone, all by himself, just he and the mistake, with no clue of what lies ahead.

This change brought with it uncertainty, loneliness and a deep sense of guilt.

Then there were Peter and Mary who were blissfully enjoying the many miracles Jesus performed to suddenly exposed to watch the Lord hanging on a cross.

No one understood and accepted Peter like Jesus did, but this change came uninvited, bringing with it total confusion. Life no more had the thrill of looking forward to a new day or new miracles, like before.

Now survival too seemed difficult and Peter gave in to doing something that he would not otherwise do, like getting into the enemy’s camp to warm himself. This change was just not easy.

And how can we ignore the change Mary Magdalene underwent.

A sudden change brought about grief and despair. Her Lord and Master, her Rabonni was dying. Oh how she was going to miss that unique fellowship she enjoyed with him. It was the only thing she had, the only thing that made her complete and happy; How could this be? And how was she going to cope with the change? Just not fair! This change was mean.

Then look at what happened to Joshua after the death of Moses his leader. An abrupt change. Never would he have thought that he would have to fit into the shoes of a leader like Moses. There was no way he would have imagined that he would have to lead the folks that Moses did. A tough bunch of God’s favoured people. People who even Moses found difficult to manage at times.

But God’s ways are different. The Bible says that His Ways are Not our Ways. However, God’s changes often brought about breakthrough.
After enduring discomfort of running away from home, Jacob found himself running into God.
After enduring the guilt of denial Peter found the greatest calling to be the very foundation upon which the Church of Jesus would be build.

After the dejection of witnessing an empty tomb, Mary was the first to see the risen Lord and master alive again.

While Joshua found himself drawing up the courage and overcoming fear by getting to not just command the people but also commanding the sun to stop from going down.

Friend, are you undergoing a change in your life? A sudden shift from the expected to the unexpected?

Embrace the change; trusting and knowing that God often associates it with a major breakthrough.

3 comments on “Embrace the change

  1. Karmen Meneses
    November 5, 2012

    Your posts are very motivating. Each day I fill stronger. Keep posting.


  2. The True Light!
    August 9, 2016

    Another well written post, Sophia! We need to trust in the Lord and “ride out” the storms in our lives. God is at work and His plans ARE not ours. But, He will take us places that will eventually do us good if we stop and trust in Him…



  3. The True Light!
    August 9, 2016

    Reblogged this on The True Light.


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