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When Hot is cool….

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other!
Revelation 3:15-16 New International Version (NIV)

The word of God talks about resources that pre-exist within ourselves to draw upon in time of need.

Much of these are spoken of in an amplified form; Power, Courage, Strength, Faith, Obedience, Repentance, and so forth.

By placing emphasis on such words God is establishing a way by which He could remind us of some of the “power punches” utilized by a few individuals who went on to become people of great significance in the Bible.

Today, we have their testimony as a powerful example of how a real-time application of these power packed words could help us achieve victory no matter what the circumstance.

For example, Daniel achieved distinction because an excellent spirit was found in him.

David, the lowly shepherd boy went on to assume the title of “ The Man after God’s own heart” because he dared to think and act beyond the normal. He went on to become King.

Abraham who came to be justified with the kind of faith he demonstrated was forecasted to become a “Father of many Nations”.

Mary was called ‘blessed’ for displaying a simple act of obedience.

Apart from few of these examples , it was often observed that God the Father more often released a strong Command rather than make suggestions, most probably because He knew the inherent nature of the human mind too well that unless there is a strong enough urge there is a tendency to get complacent.

Thank God for His all knowing power!

And so, we observe multiple scriptures placing a strong emphasis in demonstrating a sense of urgency with almost audible commands from God:

-Be fruitful and multiply
-Be strong and take courage
-Fill up the jars with water (If you want the best of wine and no questions entertained)
– Come (if you want to walk on water)
– Cast your net on the other side (if you want to adventure into a net breaking experience)

It is but apparent; God the Father is desiring His children to enjoy a God standard abundant life style.

What better way to glorify the one who sent His only begotten Son in order to grant us direct access to a powerful, fruitful and a cool life.

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