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Who would believe God’s help would come through a sick, a weak and a hungry man?

David, a man that God had called “A man after God’s own heart”.

A man who defeated a Giant that the entire country was fearful of.

This David, came to a place, called Ziklag, where it looked like he was defeated.

Ziklag was burned down and everyone and everything including his family was taken away by the attackers.

Who were these attackers that dared to attack “a man after God’s own heart?”

David and his men didn’t know.

The damage was great. The loss was large.

Could David hope to get his family back?

Could he get his lost power, the lost wealth and the lost reputation back?

What strategy could help him recover it all?

In the midst of chaos and heartbreak, David chose to Pray & ask God for Guidance.

He chose to honor God and trust God to give him the strategy on what to do.

The strategy that came from God was in the form of a sick, weak, abandoned enemy soldier.

An unlikely looking man who gave David all the information needed to find and pursue the attackers and recover all.

Who would believe God’s help would come through a sick, a weak and a hungry man?

God’s ways are higher than our ways.

If you would like to learn how I applied this word and experienced a significant breakthrough in an area of struggle and shame, please join me for the 40 days of deliverance and prayers I am doing everyday.

You can listen to the daily prayer on YouTube by clicking the link below:

Join me and agree with me as I pray and declare the Word of God over your life and circumstances.

I encourage you to not miss these short, powerful prayers but to take a few minutes to receive a touch from God.

Type “Amen” in faith when you watch the video and listen to the prayer.

The prayer of agreement is powerful so let us believe for God to release answers, strategies and divine help for your life challenges, needs and issues as we pray together.

You can also visit me on Instagram at the below link for quick inspiration:

Hope to see you and celebrate your breakthrough.


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