A daily dose of God’s touch in a minute…

Arise. Eat. Sleep.

Sometimes when we get overwhelmed the future can look very bleak.

This video is prepared through much prayer to encourage you that even while it is a difficult time it is also a time of depending on the wisdom and strength that comes from the Lord.

It is a message of hope that this is the time to look back and read the many stories of men and women in the Bible caught up in difficult situations. The outcome of depending on God during their difficult times is that they saw great breakthroughs.

My recommendation for those watching this video is to spend time in prayer and in reading the Word, because that is when you will receive the wisdom of God as you focus on God’s promises.

I pray that even as you watch, you will experience healing in your body, a touch of God for your mind and the abundant provision of God for all that you need.

Situations will begin to change right before your eyes.


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