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Looking for an answer from God? Today could be that special day!


One of Elkanah’s wives, Peninah had children but the other, Hannah, was barren.

For many years, Hannah prayed, longed, wept and waited desperately for a child.

Year after year, Hannah accompanied her husband, to worship and sacrifice to the Lord at Shiloh.

Year after year, she was taunted by Elkanah’s other wife, Peninah. As the time passed, it appeared like the belief, the hope, the effort that Hannah had to muster up to go to the house of the Lord was in vain as Peninah kept ridiculing her, reminding her each time of what she did not have.

What can one do when something you long for desperately does not come to you? Worse, how do you handle it when the thing you long for most desperately comes easily to someone else? Makes me wonder, how do childless couples feel when they see others with more than one child?

Sometimes it seems like such a simple thing when you look at others, but the most difficult when it comes to you. Why?

The first chapter of 1 Samuel describes the routine clearly. It mentions how each year Hannah longed for God to bless her with a child, went up to Shiloh with her husband, prayed, returned home, got ridiculed, became sad so much that she could not even eat.

Until one year, Hannah’s approach was different, not usual, unlike the previous years.


Photograph – SeanTahan

. Hannah fervently charged the Lord to remember her. Eli the priest thought she was drunk and babbling. She wasn’t. She was consumed with the anger of not receiving her blessing until now.

What was it that drove her back to God year after year in spite of not seeing results?

Perhaps it was her faith, her belief in God that He was able to bless, to bring a turn around, no matter what, no matter when.

That day, unlike all the previous years, Hannah returned home with gladness. What was it that changed her countenance? Made her glad? It was a knowing, inside her spirit that God had heard her fervent prayer made over the years.

Early the next morning Hanna prayed again. This time, she worshipped with gladness.

The Bible records the answer.

The Lord remembered Hannah. Soon, she conceived and gave birth to a son and named him Samuel which means – because I asked the Lord for him.


Dear Lord, may today be the day that you remember those who are downcast, desperately in need and are ridiculed by their adversary, reminding them of what they don’t have. May they find your favor today as you remember their need and petition and choose to bless them.  As they pray today, may it not be another ordinary day but a day that you choose to remember them and bless them, because you are a merciful and faithful God.  In Jesus name. Amen.



One comment on “Looking for an answer from God? Today could be that special day!

  1. African and proud
    November 28, 2017

    This story taught me a lot, it is the reason I persevere, if Hanna hadn’t persevered isreal wouldn’t have had one of the most important personal in the history of isreal. The prophet who brought us King David


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