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Don’t break God’s heart, it’s not worth it!

The serpent was more cunning than any other animal God had made. He targeted the woman and engaged her in a cleverly misleading conversation ‘Did God say not to eat from any trees in the Garden?’

‘Not at all, God said we can eat from any tree except the one in the middle of the garden, because if we eat it we will die.’

‘Ha! And you believed it? That’s not true. You won’t die. In fact God knows that the moment you eat you will become just like Him, understanding what’s good and what’s not. The only way you can find out is by trying it for yourself.’

The deceiver sowed a seed of doubt in the gullible woman’s mind.

Most often, that’s all it takes to get into a mess. One casual doubt, one careless thought, one harmless temptation, one little sin.

In giving in to the serpent’s lie she not only corrupted herself but involved her husband to participate in it as well. She took one bite, and gave one bite to Adam. One careless act that led them both to a lifetime of agony.

Instantly they were exposed to their nakedness and tried to cover themselves with leaves. A little later, when God visited the Garden, instead of rushing to God and submitting their mistake, they tried to hide themselves from His presence.

“Adam, where are you?” God called out.

“I heard you but I hid myself because I was naked” Adam said to the Lord.

“Who told you that you are naked? Did you do the thing that I commanded you not to (Did you eat the fruit)?” God questioned.

“The woman you gave me as a wife, she gave me the fruit and I ate”. Adam accepted his mistake, however he quickly shifted the blame to the woman without remorse for his own action.

“What have you done?” God said to the woman, hoping at least she might not only accept her mistake, but also ask for God’s help and forgiveness.

“I was cheated by the Serpent and I ate’. She expressed her vulnerability alright, but was also shifting the blame with no sense of repentance.

God’s heart broke and a Holy anger caused Him to release curses.

First, He cursed the serpent.

‘You will lick the dust, you will be the woman’s enemy always, her child will hit your head and you will bruise her child’s heel’.

Next it was the woman’s turn.

‘You will suffer pains when you give birth to your children’.

Then the man.

‘Because you listened to your wife and disobeyed me, you will have to work very hard to earn a living, because of you the whole ground is cursed. You were made from dust, you will return to dust when you die.’ So, the hard work and toil that people undergo is a part of the curse.

However, God’s heart break and anger was not quenched.

Through direct disobedience to His command the man and woman had forsaken the right to continue enjoying the privileges of the beautiful garden God had created for them.

He now had to protect the tree of life from fallen man. So God expelled the man and woman from the Garden of Eden. But the loving God that He is, He first covered them up with sheep’s skin as a sign that He is able and willing to cover up sin and shame better than what man could do on his own.

Application : Disobeying God’s commandments and instructions breaks God’s heart. Having the wrong attitude, selfish indulgences, acts of cruelty, being self centered and lazy, they all cause heartbreak to God. Many of these can happen unknowingly and when we realize our mistake, we must simply turn and run to Him to find forgiveness rather than try some stunt on our own. The deceiver come with his attack suddenly, especially when everything seems to be going good, when everything is peaceful, when an individual, a couple, a family, business is prospering. It’s time to be alert!  Worldly knowledge or weapons will not be enough to handle such attacks. We need special protection that comes only by depending on God and calling out the name of Jesus. God’s Divine Protection comes when we apply the blood of Jesus over everything concerning our life and that’s dear to us and declare the Word of God over each and every situation that comes against us.

Bible reference:

God said, “Who told you were naked? Did you eat from that tree I told you not to eat from?”

The Man said, “The Woman you gave me as a companion, she gave me fruit from the tree, and, yes, I ate it.”

God said to the Woman, “What is this that you’ve done?”

 “The serpent seduced me,” she said, “and I ate.”

Genesis chapter 3 (MSG)

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